Ego versus the Customer

A salesman ego is his worst enemy. I will be persuasive and bossy in the following text and bear with me, it makes sense since a lot of you will recognise yourselves.

Oftentimes, humans tend to think of their personal satisfaction before that of others. This fact is even more prominent in salesmen that sell for the energy, the victory rush and the challenge of closing a deal. The feeling that we get when we think about closing the sale creates an euphoric feeling and gives an important rush of adrenaline. ʺHere we are, being heroes for a moment!ʺ

As soon as a sale is concluded and the supervisor informed, we directly go on to the next calls in order to relive this famous, stimulating feeling and in doing so, we unconsciously neglect one of sale’s fundamental basics: a quality client service. That’s a mistake, with years of experience we understand that the client’s satisfaction is not an option, privileging quality to quantity to differentiate yourself should be your top priority.

Let’s be modest, I have already made this mistake. Learning from our experience is the best way to evolve in order to ascend higher heights.

ʺ52% of consumers declare having made an additional purchase after receiving a positive client service experience.ʺ

Being a good salesman is not being a salesman!

A myth, however true it is! Having several years of experience in sales and being an inspiring salesman in this domain, I have often been asked:

ʺPatrice, what is your trick in order to become as effective and such a good retention rate?ʺ

Humbly, my response was: ʺWhat trick?ʺ This response may seem trivial, but not that much, it makes sense.

If we go back to human basics, we like to surround ourselves with people that make us feel good; inspire our trust, listen to us and especially have empathy in the most

important moments of our lives, and all without judgment. This is how you can find your very best friends without even knowing. Your brain has chosen them unconsciously in accordance with the feelings of security, love and happiness these people have brought us.

Sales are exactly the same concept! Your brain reacts the same way when it is time to reach an important decision. I am not asking you to become your client’s best friend, just listen to him while creating a quality humane relation without ever thinking that you must sell at all cost. In the long term, you will become a winner and this will have a positive impact on your employer’s credibility.

I’ts not only about
B2B or B2C
i’ts Human to Human


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